I'm bored.... Let's make another larp

Ok guys… Hamilton was one of the first places in nz to larp. Now we are being over ruled by a bunch of orklanders. I belive that us hamiltonions should show this contry what we are made of. The larps that were in the past have sounded awesome and most probably were! Maybe if we make a larp and in some way advertise it and advertise diatribe then I think we could make many new members.

While just talking to a few adults I have made them want to come along and see what it’s all about! Imagine what we could do with another long awaited event! I’m also really wanting to see a full event in action so how bout it Hamilton. A good old LARP in Hamilton is what we all need. Reveal the once beautiful kingdom now enveloped with nature. Come on guys


Alista is thinking of running Chuffy larp soon, plus Darkness Falls is running. How is your larp going lochie?

Alista ran one of the best linear-dungeon-bash larps I ever played in.

It was before many of you were born :smiley: down in Waitomo.

There was a troll under the bridge. I died like a dog, alone and in the dark. Almost total party death (one made it out alive).