If there were Steam Achievements for running larps

Over the years I’ve joked about “steam achievements” for larps. Usually this is in the context of writing and running theatreform, and sparked by some news of something being run overseas. Here’s a few I’ve come up with:

  • Writing and running: with scales at 5, 10, 20, 100 (who would ever achieve that?)
  • Size: in addition to the obvious scales, surely there’d be a 300! achievement
  • Productivity: inspired by the academic H-index: write n larps each of which has been run n times, or write n larps each of which has been run in n different countries (my indices are 5 and 3 respectively)
  • Translation (ideally, this would have a silly catchphrase for each language). Also “in the original Klingon” if a larp is run more times in a translated language than the original.
  • No drop outs (“Inconceivable!”) .

What ideas do you have to gamify your gaming? Bonus points for silly names for them.

There have, for real, been games of over a hundred at Chimera. Weren’t you one of the writers for that big medieval game that was split into four sub games?

I have totally managed the “Inconceivable!” achievement - twice for runs of the same game. I know. The likelihood is so infinitesimally low.

" Productivity: inspired by the academic H-index:" Gosh, now I want to go and look up my H index.

My ideas:
“Bonnets and Bodices” for an historical game.
Writing a game where everyone is playing a physical object or intangible idea (can’t think of a funny name)

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Yes, Rose and Dragon was written for 160, though I only wrote 23 or 24 of them. The difficult one is running more than a hundred games, and the impossible one is writing that many. I’ve run sixty in the last ten years, which is insane. But I’ve only written 14.

Larp-resume is great for working out your indexes.

“Ceci n’est pas une pipe” for abstract larps?

Also, something for becoming the subject of an academic paper.

Obviously my new life goal is to write 100 LARPs :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a great goal. I look forward to playing all these larps.