Hydra Game Selection for 2015 is now open


Jump on and make your game picks


DONE :slight_smile:


Ditto. Its a great lineup this year.


So excited to come to my first Hydra!


Me too, Prema! :slight_smile:


So as you may have heard GMs have gotten their player lists. Players you have been put into games.

If you want to find out which games you are in go have a look at the Hydra website and you will have ticks next to the games you are in. As always I have tried to give everyone as many of their first picks as I could. Where I couldn’t (and yes there were some popular games) you will find you only got 1 second choice game.

I will email out all the players soon (few days) with an email about what games you are in and details about the con. If you have questions feel free to email me.

Hopefully you will start hearing from your GMs over the next few weeks and get casting questionnaires or info.