Hydra 2019 hype thread

Hydra 2019 is just three weeks away. What’s everyone looking forward to?

For me, its:

  • Games. All of them. The lineup this year is awesome, and every game I’m scheduled for looks great. Chefs! Occult bureaucrats! Cyberpunks! Forbidden planets! And of course there are games I put as second choices or was scheduled against which I would love to play sometime.
  • Unscheduled games. This probably means late-night Marrying Mr Darcy, but who knows? Maybe there’ll be some short, unscheduled larps as well (I can bring the BTL pack again…)
  • Cheese. Hydra’s late-night wine, cheese and chat culture is great for catching up with all my larp-friends and finding out what they’re planning.
  • Collaboration and conspiring: if you get larpers together, they plan games, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens as a result of this year’s plotting…

So, what are you looking forward to?

Im exciting for my firt north island convention, al the games and hanging out with great peeps!


I guess I can now add “further chef smack-talk” to my list.

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Gamesssss I’m so excited about every game I’m in this year

Also looking forward to late night chat sessions (and the inevitable over enthusiasm and over commitment) :smiley:


I love Hydra. It’s got loads of fun activities, it’s got loads of great people. It’s got no driving around the place, and it’s got the best “clean-up-to-Larp” ratio’s of any event. And a cushion pile. Long live the cushion pile!


This year it will probably have free-joas again. Assuming they don’t all stop dropping in the next 3 weeks…

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Brookfields, seeing everyone, costuming, cushion piles, and all things late night cheese related. :sparkling_heart:

Also the games, of course. :wink:

Related: Why aren’t cushion piles a thing everywhere?


I can’t go… :frowning: But then again, all the games I would’ve been interested in are full anyway. So there.

Two days to go and the hype is building. I have my character sheets (well, all but one), my games are ready, I’m basicly packed, and my feeds are full of other larpers’ preparations. now I just need to remember all the little things I have no doubt forgotten…