Hydra 2018


Hydra game selection and registration is currently open. We are limiting player spaces this year to keep things tight in terms of games and nice and relaxed socially. Head on over to http://hydra-larps.nz/


Has anyone got any tips for how to get there and back without a car?


Carpool? Frequently there’s a group from town who take a shuttle together.


I doubt that I’ll be able to go, to be honest. I might end up having to decide at the last minute because reasons. But thanks for the info. At least it confirms that there’s no sensible way to get there on public transport… :frowning:


Unfortunately Wellington’s larp-suitable campgrounds are all outside public transport service areas. Though in the past people have trained to Hutt Central or Woburn and been picked up from there.


There are often a lot of people coming from town, and people will often organise lifts on the event page.

There is also usually a shuttle organised too and from town by Wellington Attendees. A lot of people don’t have cars.


Yeah, this is a common problem and normally solved pretty well. It’s normally only tricky if you need to be somewhere else sometime during Hydra.