Hydra 2017 thankyous and war-stories

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So, what’d people do at Hydra? What’d they really enjoy?

On the admin side, I’d like to thank Scott, who provided replacement players for the ones who had to drop out and stepped up himself to fill a vital role in Moorstepper. And Chloe, who stepped up at the last minute to run the kitchen when the usual caterer had to withdraw.

As for games, I enjoyed everything I played, but my clear favourite was Will That Be All on Saturday night. Given the workshoppy nature of the game, it could have been anything (well, anything about 1930’s servants), from Downton Abbey to Jeeves and Wooster. What we got was a melancholic game about family, which left people in tears at the end (and indeed, in the second act, when we contemplated what would happen to the estate when His Lordship inevitably died. I think cutting down 300 year old oak trees was involved). It was a great group, full of generous players who threw stuff into the plot pot and happily ran with other people’s suggestions, and I’d like to thank all of them for providing a very moving larp experience.

Venice was a blast, and I bite my thumb at you all. And ditto Bodice Ripper; I may have failed to solve the mystery and dazzle everyone with my brilliance, but I had a great time chewing the scenery as Sherlock.

I loved all the games I played from Cabin on the lake Friday, to Hydra games Sunday, but OMG Gaslight! I had wanted to play that game for quite a while now. It feels a bit odd to call it a game at this point, but it was an intense and valuable shared experience. Thanks @lesbiancobra - I look forward to the sequel!


I’d also like to thank Scott for organising the con and keeping it together throughout all the pre-con dramas. Thanks too to Chloe for managing the catering at short notice.

It was great to meet up with lots of old larp friends, but it was also good to see a number of first time larpers prepared to throw themselves in at the deep end. Hats off to you guys. Congratulations also to the first time GMs (Evie and Cody that I know of), cons can’t run without a supply of willing GMs so thanks for stepping up. It’s a pretty daunting task, but from all accounts you pulled it off in style.

All the larps I played were excellent, but it’s going to take me a while to process everything enough to come up with a list of highlights.


Thanks to Serena and Jess for the Friday night kitchen prep and meal. Your help was invaluable to keeping the kitchen running smoothly through the weekend.


Loved all the games I was in

Helping Chris with Cabin at/in the (place) on the Friday night was wonderfully fun and very sticky
63 was adventure and action with a dash of drama, and a lot of running!
Oz Reloaded was mysteries and drama and amazing!!!
Thunderealm was so much fun and so very hilarious, loved the puzzles and the setting and the other players and the running around!
Hydra Games! Oh the drama, the betrayal the BACKSTABBERY!!! It was a blast!

And finally much love to all those involved with Larp of the Rings: It Comes in Pints, on Saturday Night From @IdiotSavant, @Catnip and all those who were apart of their larp-writing-workshopy, Tuhituhi last year, to Scott and all my other amazing players!
I loved GM’ing it was so wicked fun watching my words come to life!
I am already writing my next larp, but im gonna spend way more time on this one because its somewhat more ambitious!

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