Hydra 2016 Game Selection Live


Game Selection for this years Hydra is open now over at http://hydra-larps.nz/register/.

When you have filled out the registration form, there will be a new menu bar item on the upper right hand side.

‘Choose your games.’

A reminder you choose 2 games each round, a first and second choice, I will always try and get you your first choice but that is not always possible, especially with a lot of smaller games this year.You also have the option of putting the heart on one game, this shows the one game over the weekend you really don’t want to miss out on.

The faster we complete game selection the sooner that GMs will be able to get on to casting.

A number of games need a couple of crew this year, you will be asked about this during casting.

There are no TShirts for sale this year.

Michelle our cook is looking for help in the kitchen, she will teach you all you need to know about cooking for large events. If you are interested in doing this please note it in your comments, if you end up doing it entry and food at the con is free, but there are some rounds you probably won’t be able to play.

Also NZLARPs Wellington helps Hydra out with gear and in other ways. Hence we provide a discount to both current students and NZLARPs members.