Hydra 2015 Ridesharing Thread


Confusion: we’d be leaving site no later than 4:30pm Sunday, so we can definitely get you to Wellington in time on Sunday (I’m looking into getting the shuttle to take a load on to the airport so you may not even need to bus to the airport). Friday unfortunately we were planning to leave the YHA at 6:00pm.


We can do multiple pickups for a paltry extra $5, so I’ve booked the shuttle to pick Will (and anyone else from the airport) up at 6.15pm then go to the YHA, where it will pick the rest of us up, and head on to the Brookfields scout camp with an ETA of 7.20pm, so we’ll make it in plenty of time for the meet and greet. This costs a total of $127.

We can do the same thing on the way back if anyone needs to go straight to the airport. Matt/Viperion, this means we could drop you off wherever you want, as well.

So far we have seven people going each way, so there’s room for four more.

People I currently have noted down as going:
Naomi (both ways?)
Matt S/Viperion
Adrexia (confirmation needed)


NO ride needed - but FYI - Adrexia = Naomi.


Oh! Well, thanks for letting me know. I can’t actually see people’s icon photos when I’m on my phone, so I would have just carried on believing they were two separate people :stuck_out_tongue: