Hydra 2013

Hi Everyone

That time of the year again. Hydra was a fantastic success last year, but with all the great events on next year we are finding it hard to predict what numbers we will have. We want to give you all a good variety of games without over promising. We want to offer 3 different games each round but that depends on numbers So that is where you come in, if you are planning to come we need you to go to the website and register now. As well as that we want you to tell us in the comments field what games you really want to play.

There is a list of games on the website, with another 5 games from great GMs to come.

This will tell us numbers and help us schedule games. THEN after Kapcon we will open up game selection with the finalised schedule.
Hydra will be on the 19-21 April (University Holidays) at Brookfields scout camp.

The Website is: hydra.nzlarps.org

The email address for any questions: hydralarpconvention@gmail.com

The Hydra Team.

So tomorrow night, after 8pm, game selection will open up. If you haven’t registered yet, you will need to do that first.

When doing game selection just make sure you pick 2 choices for any round you want to play as some games will fill up. We will try and make sure as many people as possible get their first choices.

There will also be a link to the Questionnaire for the Flagship game as well - Dryspell. And the option to buy Tshirts.

Link to the games and details about the con - hydra.nzlarps.org