Hydra 2013 photos

Let’s start a photo thread shall we?

Here’s the photos from my camera. Taken by myself, Scott and others I’m sure.

plus.google.com/photos/10592468 … 0378718049

Note that many of them I’ve fiddled with the colours to make them more moody. All photos are available without that colouring if you want. Just let me know.

I have not done anything to the Dry Spell photos. I couldn’t decide what would look good. I may well have a fiddle, and try to come up with something suitable but not overpowering…

If you use a photo please credit Norman Cates and Hydra 2013.

Huge thank you to Norm for going through all of these and getting them up for us :slight_smile:

I should also mention that if there’s a photo of you up that you don’t want up, then please let me know. I can remove it or maybe crop it to remove you from it…

:smiley: Thank you!