Hydra 19? What are you planning to run?

Hydra 2019 is a thing right? Figured I might as well make a topic thing about it because its 3am and I have nothing better to do.

I’ll be trying to write/finish about 3-4 games (Probably only end up being 2 though) in time to offer up. So if your into LOTR, 80’s horror movies, and Nautical Space/ Sci-Fi then do I have the games for you.

Here’s the blurb for my magnum opus, my apotheosis, “UNTITlED SPACE LARP”
“Untitled Space Larp” is a 5 player game written by VerySuperFamousGames that will hopefully last 2+ hours and will hopefully be a hoot and a half for all involved.

As its crew slept the transport ship Aspidistra, a custom rigged Dust-Clipper had been traveling on autopilot until it was caught in a solar storm and was thrown off course and in between the pull of two almost equally sized Black Holes leaving them Space Be-Calmed.

Without the solar winds the Aspidistra is stuck in an eddy, or perhaps the eye of a storm, head too far in either direction and they will be caught in the gravity well of the black holes and be succ’d to death

The Crew of the Aspidistra

Captain: Rainer Korse

Firstmate: John Smith

Ion Engineer: Morvo

Helmsentity: ē-Yarg

Master of Sails: Tal-Meer

That will be all. Thank you.


Hydra 2019 is definitely a thing, though its happening in April next year (dates).

A few people have asked me to run Peaky’s Best of the Wurst, a 9-player larp inspired by Allo Allo and set at a sausage-tasting competition in a small hotel. It does require multiple spaces though (it would work in the taverna / infirmiry complex), so timing would depend on what other games need spaces.

I still haven’t worked out what my second game will be. But if nalaWriMo works out, I’m thinking it will have to be Property & Propriety.

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I would love to play best of the wurst, that sounds like a riot!

Assuming my NaLaWriMo project works, I’ll be running The F.A.E. Trial, a weird game about virtual reality and reality TV.

Also, 80s horror LARP yes please :smiley:


Property & Propriety has now been submitted. Which should give me plenty of incentive to tidy it up.


If it doesn’t make numbers for KapCon, I’m considering bringing my family comedy “Mad-Winter Christmas”, a game about in-laws and angst. I’m also in the planning stages of a smaller LARP where you play witches in a coven but it’s managed like a board meeting. Still working on how I want it to play but I’m excited about it. I need a punny name for it, taking submissions.


Hexecutive Decision ?



+1 on the ooooOOOOOOH! :smiley:

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Games have started going up, and the selection looks quite good so far:


The lineup is now looking really cool. I’m specifically looking forward to “Lazarus bar & Grill” and “The Most Magical Time of the Year” (the first on the strength of its blurb, the second after hearing of its Auckland run), but there’s also @Ciaran’s walking larp “Tears of Heaven”, a gender-flipped “Devil’s Brood” (which better suits Wellington skew), a silly fantasy “Battle of the Bards”, and various other tasty looking games of various types. My big problem is that I’ll only be able to play 4 of them. Which is a great problem to have.