How to plan a murder

Seen on DriveThru: How to Plan a Murder, a guide to murder-mystery parties:

How to Plan a Murder is your complete guide to planning and hosting a murder mystery dinner.

Secrets and dark ambition connect each character in a deadly web of intrigue. As the night progresses, who’ll fall foul of those deadly plot hooks? Can your guests unravel the clues and catch the killer?

Planning and running the evening is easy and fun, with conflict and plot twists developing organically from the rules. Watch as your characters come alive.

The book includes the guest’s guide, A Dinner to Die For, which is also available to your guests as a “Pay What You Want” download.

While its pitched as being about murder-mystery parties, they’re actually writing simple larps with proper characters and a murder in the middle (complete with irritating additional info envelopes). The writing advice is to generate relationships randomly by simply writing the character numbers or names on cards and shuffling them - which isn’t the best method unless you need a prompt for inspiration. And there’s the basics on creating a plausible murder and thinking about means, motive, and opportunity. Its useful as a basic source of advice; OTOH, there is better advice available free elsewhere.