"How to have fun in a campaign"

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The Space Between Stories has a post up about The Road to Emotionally Compelling Roleplay, which is basicly advice for “how to have fun in a campaign”. So, the usual stuff: care about people (or something), be slightly broken (but not too broken), let your secrets slip, don’t be a BALOR. Its worth reading.

Anyone else have any other suggestions?


I’ve been thinking a lot about fun in campaigns lately. About how the cliche’s of campaign games interact with fun and how they interact with some of the wiring in people’s heads that they struggle to change.
Religion is one I’ve been chewing on lately. What’s the point of religion in games? Is it to provide a point of conflict between the players? Is it to give them a route to emotional validation? Is it to provide you with a route to provide plot? How can you provide those things, how can players follow through with those things, without negatively affecting the fun of other people?