How to be an NZLarps Regional Committee Member

Ever wondered what the committee members actually do? Thought about volunteering for a position, but not quite what you’d be getting yourself into? Read on. Being on the committee is a great way to make new friends and feel good about helping make larps happen.

All committee members are expected to attend committee meetings. If you cannot make one, give your apologies to the Regional Director. Note the NZL constitution has rules in place requiring this, and failure to miss three meetings in a row, without apologies, necessitates the committee member to be stood down from their position.

In addition, committee members need to regularly check Diatribe, where the online business of NZL occurs. This includes keeping abreast of community discussions, and access to the committee-only forums, where motions and votes are held on urgent business in between meetings.

Note the location, time and dates of committee meetings are determined by the committee members themselves. Generally the Auckland committee has monthly meetings at one of the member’s house, for example the second Wednesday of ever month, 7pm. Wellington committee meetings are approximately quarterly.

Regional Director
Announce committee meetings on Diatribe, set agenda. Give plenty of notice, about one week in advance. Try to keep the timing and venue consistent. Ensure the venue is appropriate for the expected turnout.
Run the meeting, including:
[ul]Vote to accepting minutes of previous meeting
Adding to the minutes extra items discussed online (Diatribe) since the previous meeting
Go through action points from previous minutes, and get feedback reports from those people who were assigned. If the point was not done, have ti noted on the current minutes as further action point.
Discussing matters on the agenda, keeping the discussions focussed and non-abusive
Ensure motions made for resolutions and Action Points given to specific people to ensure stuff happens
Note the Regional Director does not usually vote on motions, unless the outcome is tied, and they have the casting vote
Call the meeting closed[/ul]
Answer general inquiries from the public and/or direct them to other community members/diatribe as appropriate. This includes comments on Facebook NZLarps page.
Notify National Committee of matters arising that need their attention, via posting in the National Committee forum on Diatribe. rather than the Regional committee.
Advertise the Regional General Meeting (RGM) on Diatribe, call for nominations, collate nominations, call for any matters to be discussed
Run meeting, as above.
Prepare and deliver end of year report for the RGM.

Advise game organisers on making budgets forecast. This can include reviewing draft plans, providing advice, looking at historical projects for guidance, or just assisting with the process of how to put together a viable budget.
Provide game organisers with reports on who has made payment for their games to the NZL bank account.
Pay regional bills, reimburse game organisers or committee members for valid society spending. Facilitate any outgoings from the bank account on behalf of committee and GMs.
Ensure that game organisers of NZL Projects submit game actuals and receipts, and that these are checked and filed.
Follow up any outstanding payments if the GM has been unable to do it, including adding a late fee if deemed appropriate.
Give monthly financial updates for the committee meetings.
Prepare and deliver end of year report for the RGM.
Facilitate handover to new treasurer & committee members regarding authority to access/view the bank account.

Take minutes at committee meetings
Post the minutes on Diatribe as soon as possible, within 1 week.
Note having a laptop to take the minutes on during the meeting may help with this. These notes can also get edited later so that
[ul]they get formatted into a descriptive rather than conversational manner
they are formatted sensibly
the action points are highlighted
if discussions occur containing personal stuff about people during the meeting, that they are not easily identifiable[/ul]
Organise venue for RGM.
Take minutes during RGM and post them on diatribe ASAP. (This is best one by the outgoing secretary.)
Maintain the secretary box, by filing paperwork associated with the society (game proposals, game budgets and actuals, paper copies of minutes, etc).

Gear/equipment Officer
For Each Game:
[ul]Liaise with game organisers about Load-Out at gear storage location.
Confirm with the gear custodian this is convenient, with at least one week notice.
For Aucklanders, remind the game organisers to organise the trailer pick-up & drop-off with Mike Curtis if required.
Ensure batteries (for walky-talkies) are charged up prior to events. These are often stored at the officer’s house rather than at the shed to make this easier.
Supervise the gear Load-In. Advise which items are stored where, for example some are stored inside, rather than the shed.
Remind game organisers that wet/dirty gear need to be clean & dry before returning to the shed. This may required another trip to the shed a week or two after the game. Include used tea towels in this category.
Check supplies of make-up, and wash & dry the application sponges.
Check cleaning supplies adequate, including spare vaccuum bags.
Update list of consumables and food on the google doc inventory spreadsheet.
Add new gear items to the inventory, photograph where possible & upload to gear inventory.
Label new gear with NZLarps.
Send Gear feedback email to game organisers.[/ul]
Organise Gear Shed Working Bees - to tidy up & sort out the shed. Ensure items are packed correctly in their labelled boxes. This is usually done in January, when the weather is better.
Organise working bees to make new and/or fix costumes, armour, shields etc.
Keep track of which gear is stored where (via the inventory document).
Order additional weapons, makeup, and general gear as required. Note most new gear is purchased by the larps. Only general non-game specific purchases are done by the gear officer.
Prepare and deliver end of year report for the RGM.

Marketing Officer
Update Website with current/upcoming games.
Ensure marketing supplies are good - business cards, flyers etc.
Network with other groups to advertise our events with them.
Prepare and deliver end of year report for the RGM.

General Officer
Offer advice at committee meetings.
Do other things required from time to time.

Remember in your role, any actions and comments you make online (including Diatribe, Facebook etc) and at games reflect on the society as a whole. As committee members you are there to help achieve the aim of the society: to encourage, support and grow LARP in New Zealand.