How much of a market is there for high-end larp in NZ?


Over on facebook, there’s been some discussion about Sahara Expedition, an Italian-organised larp which will be run in Tunisia, a 4-day camel trek around the Sahara desert in the guide of the 1933 Miskatonic Sahara expedition. It looks like an interesting game, but it costs 350 - 550 Euro, which is enormously expensive in NZ terms (though quite cheap for a European blockbuster). And its quite easy to see where the money will be going: they have a team of guides, an authentic Berber camp to sleep in every night, and camels to carry it all (so they grafted a larp onto a package camel tour? Neat!)

But this has raised questions about how many people in NZ would pay that amount of money for a (suitably high-end) larp. The market is probably quite small: larping is a niche hobby after all. But there are already people who spend a small fortune travelling to games around the country, and the low-end of Sahara’s price range - about NZ$600 - is about what they’d spend a year on travel and game fees for a single campaign. So its not necessarily beyond people’s means. The problem is convincing them that they should spend that amount of money in one hit on one weekend, rather than on two, and on a one-off game rather than a campaign. Which would still be a hard sell, but not necessarily insurmountable. You just need to make your larp twice as cool as the others on offer…


For me to get to an Auckland game, (from Wellington) I assume it’s $400 of flights, food (snacks at the game, meals around town before and after the game), getting to and from both airports, and lost wages (because I can either work Friday or make it to 7pm muster, but not both) BEFORE I buy the ticket. And that’s assuming I have my shit together about getting flights - if I’m disorganised it can cost me $400 for the flights alone.

$600 a year for a single campaign in your home-town, maybe :smiley:


I’m pretty restricted by both time and money, actually. My family lives a bit farther away than the average* so the biggest part of my travel budget - in both senses - is spent going to see them.

In other words: the event would have to be very good for me to consider going to it if it’s a flight away and /or expensive.



Money isn’t much of an issue for me, so as long as the cost is obviously carrying a premium experience like in the example. But a high ticket price on top of flights would be nasty, so I think I’m with others when I say it’d need to be fairly local. You might get away with it in either Auckland or Wellington, though?


I think even if it were local, my personal preference is to not spend that much. That being said I can easily spend that much (and have) or more on costuming for campaigns, so I think it would need to be worthwhile.