Horror game - one off weekend

I’m quite interested in running games that are one-off weekend events. I don’t have the time to run full on campaigns, but the idea of a game that follows similar rules (player written characters, all day-plot) appeals. Basically an extended theatre form. I’d run it down in Wellington, because that’s where I am.

My actual idea is something based off this:

kickstarter.com/projects/15 … pathologic

Modern day setting, in a small New Zealand town: a mysterious sickness has broken out, and the characters either live in the town or have come in from outside to deal with it. But all is not what it seems, (of course) and it’s not only the sickness that threatens the town, but other, darker, forces… R18, due to themes and horror.

I want to make the daylight seem just as horrific as darkness.

Looking for crew and co-gms.

Anyone keen to help out?

Ooooo interesting.

Happy to chat regarding Co-GM if you would like me along for the ride.
I can be quite dark, so might not be the best, as boundaries don’t seem to exist in my mind… :confused:

Loving the idea.

I’m SO THERE. I am every kind of keen for this.