Honor Bound

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The latest game to cross my feed: Honour Bound: a 6-player workshoppy game about a duel (and duelling culture), by Randy Lubin and Jason Morningstar:

This game explores honor culture and masculinity through the lens of an old fashioned duel. Play starts just after a challenge is issued and follows the duelists, seconds, doctor, and judge as they struggle to de-escalate a fraught situation in a society that values reputation above all else.

The game takes roughly two hours to play. It starts with a workshop that will get you up to speed on the setting and themes of the game; you’ll also establish the incident that triggered the duel. Once play begins, you’ll be struggling to de-escalate the situation even as the characters negotiate the final details of weapons, ground, and range.

While it has character sheets, it looks like there’s a high workshop : actual game ratio.