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They say that history is written by the victors. So who writes history if everyone loses?

Around 100 - 150 years before the game is set everything fell apart. There was no convenient singular reason that could be pointed to, but a ‘perfect storm’ of occurrences culminated in the end of the world as it was known.

The Collapse

The first major event was a global collapse of financial and civic institutions. Too many people owed too much money that could never be paid back, wars were being fought for reasons people couldn’t remember and the poor just kept getting poorer while the rich kept locking themselves away in more elaborate gated communities. In some countries massive migration saw huge parts of the population heading to ‘wealthier’ countries in the hopes of better jobs, better pay and a better life.

Born out of the early 21st century Occupy movement wave after wave of civil unrest spread across the globe. Governments turned on their people, and were overturned. The national lines of the 20th and 21st centuries ceased to be relevant as more localised groups gained power.

Not long after the first of the uprisings a massive outbreak of a deadly Flu virus swept many countries. With civic infrastructure compromised it made treating the populations intensely difficult.


The pandemic was not of a new super virus, or a biological weapon. It was a deadly strain of A/H1N1. The same influenza virus that had killed 6% of the world’s population exploded in the densely populated urban centres. Before records stopped being kept, it was thought that a full 80% of the world’s population had been infected. Without the strong medical system many had come to rely on the death rate was catastrophic.

The huge death rates saw the whole population of countries vanish in the course of weeks. The few governments that still had control panicked, shutting down their borders and sending their armies into cities to try and control the rioting. What the disease started, many army units ended. The virus only slowed its lethal pace when one of the most brutally cold winters ever recorded hit the densely populated Northern Hemisphere.

The only good part of the cold was that it stopped the influenza. However in those places where the temperature didn’t drop, especially the tropical regions, people died until there were none left.

The Great Winter

The Great Winter was the final straw for an already struggling system. All semblance of order collapsed as people just tried to stay alive during a brutally cold and long winter. Families still tell the tales of how their ancestors managed to survive.

The Great Winter lasted for six long months, in which meters of snow fell as far south as Egypt. The Southern Hemisphere wasn’t spared. With parts of South America and the South Pacific were almost utterly emptied of people by the time the thaw came.

When the seasons finally changed and Spring melted the ice, the world was changed.

Empty, silent and broken.

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