High Fantasy Weekend-long LARP

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Ive had an idea for a while about a weekend long game, at this point just a one off story,
its high fantasy so there will be probably like faeries and such, but mainly Humans, Demi-Humans, Demons and antagonistic Angels, which would at this point be crew? I dont know.
Basic concept so far is that there was a war, then it ended, but now a couple years later that war has started again.
also, itll probably be in or around Wellington, Characters would ideally be created by players in collaboration with each other and the GM’s because the idea is that most of them know each other and live in a small community of Demons, Humans and inbetweens.

So yeah, Anyone got any advice, thoughts,disdain or whatever please comment below
Thanks for your consideration :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve never run this sort of thing, so don’t have any useful advice to offer. But I’m enthusiastic for new events, and it sounds the sort of thing I’d play.

@u_ne_korn, @Dagr, @Curuniel or @Scott should be able to give some advice on venues, catering, cost-structures, and things to watch out for (like wasps and toilet paper).


Since it sounds like you’re in the early stages of thinking about it, some general things I’d think about at this point are:

  • how many people are you imagining running it for? Where you hold it will depend on how many participants (in terms of what you can afford to hire and in terms of how much space you’ll need), but also different amounts of personal attention and customisation are possible with different numbers.

  • on that note: don’t feel like you have to aim high. It doesn’t have to be massive, expensive or complicated, it just needs to tell the story you want to tell and to be fun for the players and crew. Don’t bite off more than you can chew or write yourself into needing a hundred people to show up or you go broke :stuck_out_tongue:

  • have a think about rules; you don’t need a rule set right away, but do think about what role you envision the rules having and what you might need/want them to do. Remember that for a weekend game you can’t have a GM around all the time to answer what players are trying to do.

  • think through what you want to do, then consider bringing some other people on board. They need to be keen, and to understand what you’re going for and like it. GMs can only be in one place at a time though, and the prep can be a lot of work, so I recommend having a partner or two.

It seems like you’re in the ideas stage, so maybe find some people that you think enjoy the same kinds of things as you do in larp and discuss your ideas with them? Hash out some stuff about what kinds of people player-characters would be, what they’d be doing over the weekend in terms of activity, and what the story would be for them to experience over that time. The ideas stage is the most fun stage, haha, so have fun!