High-end larp breaks another barrier


A few years ago Claus Raasted talked about “tourist larp” and compared the early Nordic blockbusters (such as College of Wizardry), which cost 500 Euro to attend, to low-end package skiing holidays. In the couple of years since, the 500 Euro larp has become a well-established model, and there’s now three I can name off the top of my head (CoW, Fairweather manor, and New World Magischola). But this model of expensive, high-end larp has just broken another barrier, with the first larp which cost over US$1000:


Its a six day road-trip down US Route 66. It costs US$1200. This includes 6 nights of accommodation and a bunch of food, plus the larp experience, but still: its a huge leap from the US$50 weekend which is standard there (or the NZ$100 weekend standard here). And if they can find a market, more power to them.

I don’t think there’s much scope for this sort of larp in NZ - the market is just too small. There might be a market for high-end supernatural style larps in the vein of “God Rest Ye Merry” (look it up), since they can work with 20 players. But even then it would be risky.


Hmmm, high end hobbit larp at the hobbiton set could be fun.
Though not sure if they would buy into the idea. You never know


There have been people considering it in the past - a bunch of larp tourists at one stage. And they certainly are open to gaming uses - PaizoCon "Oz" is actually in the Green Dragon in Matamata this year.