Heroine's Journey

This article seems quite relevant to LARP campaign design

Basically it’s an alternative to the traditional Hero’s Journey that focuses on teams rather than lone heroes.

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I’m reading the Wayfarer series at the moment (starts with The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet) and have been thinking how it’s like this! Focuses on emotions and relationships, heroes solve problems by connecting socially, even has a kind of Happily Ever After. And the sequels do exactly what this mentions - take minor characters from the first book and write whole novels about them. Neat to see it described here in a similar way to what I’ve been thinking.


It’s a pretty good description of some Hayao Miyazaki films too. Spirited Away fits this pattern really well and I’ve always admired that is more about understanding and reconciliation rather than defeating enemies.

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The heroine can sometimes be better than the hero. I think, for a change, that’s a very good idea. But let’s not forget the heroes.

While the article uses the terms Hero and Heroine it’s more about the story structure than the character gender

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