Harvest Moon - Favourite Moments

How about some session dissection?

I’ll post mine up when I can function a little more later on.

I know this will keep expanding the more I remember

Favourite moment for me personally was definitely when my character’s father walked in. It was truly a “What the fuck” moment for my character (and me!). I did not see that coming AT ALL and I felt truly panicked to try and comprehend just what had happened.

I liked how everybody stared at the screaming mad-woman in confusion,then I pulled out my hat and people yelled “Jane!”.

My long-lost Uncle turning up and interrupting our deep and emotional catch-up to tell everyone in the Taverna off for discussing the state of his niece’s uterus.

Where to begin. Ah yes. Set dressing was very cool, definitely going to take some tips from your book for future.

Just a note to the GMs, I loved the personal development for my character, you guys are so cool at saying yes to an idea and then making it awesome! I can’t wait to see where it goes!

Loved Sunday morning so much, I think I may have to make some armour for my character, because I enjoyed the combat immensely. And I got to do a ritual which was cool! I look forward to doing more in future.

All of the interaction with my wonderful siblings. Arthur was an unexpected surprise, I was not expecting another PC to be related! I loved finding out through the diary you had. Daniel, you were every bit the lovely older brother I was hoping for. Isabella, you were lots of fun, I especially loved the emotional rescue during the battle, when I finally realised you were captured. That and getting to play the extremely embarrassed sister on Saturday night, I don’t think that Kali and Issy should drink at the same table.

I loved developing a friendly acquaintance with Lady Louisa (I think mostly based on the fact that I wasn’t accusing her of being someone else), only then having to re-develop a connection to Ivy.

Overall what an awesome weekend, definitely coming back [size=85](fingers crossed RL doesn’t get in the way)[/size]

Oh man, I had so much fun messing around with all the PC’s!

I loved being a zombie, carrying the severed hand disguised as the baby. I lavished everyone’s reaction as they unraveled the cloth and screamed. My undead death was so much fun.

But what I enjoyed most was being a Demon lieutenant! The GM was like, "Okay, basically you’re invincible until I retreat."
It was hilarious seeing the horror on everyone’s faces as i kept on getting up and laughing.

IC drinking on saturday night - where #74 and Valencia learned how humans reproduce… :open_mouth:

Ford pissing on the altar of Dagon, in front of his worshippers.

Amanda teaching Valencia what happens if you don’t burn bodies after you kill them.

Mad awesome battle with Dagon. Multiple grievous wounds.

Watching Courtney’s face when she read my medical notes and realised what was going on.

Bryn just so “happening” to bring Jasper into the infirmary while I was laying on the surgery bed… and then suddenly turning up with Lily as well.

All of the confusion around Louisa and what the hell was going on.

Thorpe, my “life long companion and aide” trying so hard to keep things together and keep me sane.

All the gazing into the middle distance having identity crisises while other people spent hours and hours decrypting (by hand) the secret message.

My moments of snapping to Ivy. And seeing the confusion it left behind.

Realising that all the stuff I thought was going on with my character was wrong!

Getting to be Ivy again, after a day and a half wondering if I’d be able to.

“Louie Louie
Flew and airship
Into the ground.

Sleepy hear to hearts in the back of the Taverna with Esther. Then officially making her my sister with a coin scarf.

Ordering Jasper to go talk to Esther before the big battle.

Summoning a demon Prince to help us fight, and then the crisis of conscience that followed.

And so many more that I can’t even…

Completely forgetting that Sophie is the kind of LARPer that REALLY needs ACTUAL rope, ACTUAL tying up & to ALWAYS pat down and remove other weapons. Especially when monologuing as a Crazy Psychopath.

Oh god and how could I forget! Reading the letter Ivy wrote to everyone, as Louisa and realising that I wasn’t real and had to sacrifice myself.

The tears just streamed down my face and all around me people were being stitched up in the infirmary after some attack or other, and no one even seemed to notice. It was brilliant and isolating and so damn sad.

So Thom, all I can say, is well done. Very, very well done.

Well it was your own damn fault. I wasn’t about to get tortured in the dark!

Well it was your own damn fault. I wasn’t about to get tortured in the dark![/quote]

Totally, next time though… next time…
The best part, was lying on the ground, in black after removing my shirt & jacket, listening to the banter from people on the deck. Much fun.

Oooooh, and demon battle in the night.

Also patting down the people who insisted we follow them and finding rope, being told by the camp commander to give back the rope, then later being tied up with the rope. I was so angry about it i accidentally popped demon claws when #74 could see them.

What now?? :open_mouth:

Sarah Mosley was a demon. She was going to hang around and mess with you all after she got caught… but then the Van Helsing came towards her with a weapon! You gotta understand, the Van Helsing was already killing demons when he was young and now he is really old! Demons get more powerful as they get older, so that’s how it works for humans right?

Oh right! As Sarah. I thought you meant Jane had demon claws now… which was new.

Two years ago I began writing the setting of 33AR, my baby. Mel and Thom have taught it to crawl, walk, and talk and animated it. Together with all of the players, crew, cooks and photographers; you have all bought this setting to life. Writing, organising, and running LARP is the most fulfilling creative outlet I have found so far, and you all help make that the case! I will continue writing and running LARP until I can no longer, or until something even more immersing comes into being.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of you who bring 33AR to life! We have reached half way through this campaign, and we have another 3 sessions to go. One of the most momentous moments for me was after the game, getting the invoice for session three and booking session five.

This session provided a lot of curve balls courtesy of the players, and it was certainly a GMing adventure because of this. Thanks to my fellow GMs; Mel and Thom, without whom 33AR would not exist, and the crew, for throwing around ideas for turning all those pears back into something resembling apples, or possibly spoons, I’m not entirely sure after all that :wink: There were so many times when we had a crew debriefing and our reactions were along the lines of “The players did WHAT now!?”, but we were able to spill all the relevant no-longer-secrets to the players and bring together consequences to player actions.

I also got to roleplay with the players more this session than the last one, and I really enjoyed interacting with all of you. Special props go out to Nik, Jessica, Bex, Frank, and everyone who I fought with and against during the many battles this weekend.

I cannot thank you all enough for making me feel like the happiest Dr Frankenstein in existence, it brings many a happy tear to my eye :slight_smile: