Hamilton Youth LARPS Prologue: Curse of the Gods

So i have been running a low key larp over the past year, and after some awesome reception i have redeveloped the larp into the new Hamilton Youth Live Action Role Playing Society game set. i have devised a new campaign which will be carried out over this coming year, but due to my rather abrupt end to last year’s larp (tossing the world into a black hole for no real reason) i decided to create a continuum between the two larps, to give some of the old players a resolution to the old world, and to give the new players a look into the past, and how the future started. doing this i present…

Prologue: Curse of the Gods
With the world of Karthax in rampant chaos, the mortal god Yissgrith made the decision to unite the gods of the races to the time court, in preparation for a decision which would completely destroy the world as we know it, but the cry for aid was unheard, and the location of the gods is unknown. using his powers as the keeper, Yissgrith has summoned mortal souls, who’s futures have yet to be lived, in an effort to aid him in retrieving the gods. Who knows their fate, and the reason that they are lost in the Dream rift, but the faint lingering of shadow magic has Yissgrith wondering if he will meet his old enemy, Corvinicus the Mad King.

This game is for the age group 15-19, but people who are older are welcome to come along :slight_smile: So as the prologue game, we will be having people get all ready and into characters. this means everyone is free to bring their own weapons, costume and items that they will need. i will be filming a promotional video for the youth larp, that i can bring around the schools in Hamilton to advertise and get new members into the larp community!

im hoping that there will be an even number of Player to Crew ratio, as we will need the crew for the challenges :slight_smile:

so now down to specifics:

Where: Hamilton Gardens Main Carpark
When: Saturday, 15th February. 11am for Crew, 12pm for Players
Cost: Gold coin donation for the armory
What to bring:
Weapons(if you own any),
Things for mock costumes (i.e. ripped sheets for ghosts, zombie stuff, whatever you can thing of),
Character sheets(if you are a Player),
and a smile.

It would be ideal to have at least 12 people there, but i can cater for more/less.

Below i will add in the Files necessary to create a character if you want to be a player, otherwise i hope this runs well! :smiley:

So here is the Manual necessary for Character creation, which also runs through the basics for the larp. its still being developed, but it is coming along…

And here is the Character Creation sheet.best get this one to me ASAP to reserve your spot as a player!