Hamilton to Hydra 2016


So since I can’t be arsed finding flights etc… I’m going to make a drive down.

Currently I’m driving solo from Hamilton. I don’t have a large car, but I’m not going to be carting much more than blankets. So if anyone wants to tag along, the company would be appreciated. If anyone needs their gear transported, I’m happy to oblige.

A contribution to petrol would be appreciated for this and I’m happy to negotiate with people on that front.


I’m considering driving down. I have an 8 seat van that I would be happy to take down there if there are a few people that wanted to drive down. The only problem is that fuel would probably run to $150-200. The per person fuel cost would be roughly:

1 person going : $150 Each
2 people going : $75 Each
3 people going : $50 Each
4 people going : $40 Each
5 people going : $30 Each
6 people going : $25 Each
7 people going : $22 Each
8 people going : $20 Each

Just putting it out there in case you (and hopefully other people) want to carpool for cheap travel.


Come down! Bring everyone! There are lucky dip tickets available if you don’t mind which games you end up in. :slight_smile:


I am from Palmerston is to far way from you keen join roleplay


Hydra is over for the year, but will with any luck be back next year.


OK thanks


If you want something sooner: http://nzlarps.org/wellington

We’re only a train/bus away. Embers, a brand new Wellington Larp Campaign, starts in August and there is plenty of room for more crew (which is a great place to get started). http://nzlarps.org/events/detail/14


Thank you