Hamilton regional AGM

The NZLARPS Hamilton regional AGM will be held at 3:30pm on Saturday October 8 at 4A Claude St, Fairfield, Hamilton.

The core business of the AGM meeting is to elect the regional committee for 2016-2017.

To stand for a postion you must be a member of the Hamilton region of nzLARPS. The committee generally meets once every two months to discuss/conduct business.

How do I nominate someone?

Post their name and the position you are nominating them for in the Google Docs provided. Nominations must be accepted and seconded. Please include your own name when nominating so we can keep trackā€¦

You can nominate yourself.

Hamilton Regional Roles:

  • Regional Director - runs committee, chairs committee meetings, acts as regional representative to the National Committee.
  • Secretary - keeps minutes at committee meetings, communicates committee decisions to members, deals with any formal mail.
  • Treasurer - Handles the money, deals with the Regions bank accounts, keeps financial records.
  • Gear Officer - handles storage and maintenance of society-owned equipment, liaises with projects regarding gear needs.
  • Marketing Officer - promotes larp to outsiders in an effort to recruit more larpers; updates community on what games are running.

Please post your nominations below. Nominations close on September 30 to allow for e-mail voting.

Google Docs link - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lStzjbPQ65GD4KSkSm-Q_AAw2Sq72w2iUACae6vMJsI/edit?usp=sharing