Hamilton General Committee Meeting

General Committee Meeting
February 26, 2017

Present: Shae Cook, Abigail Marland, James Wyn, Bo Beaufill, Joseph Outram, Mervyn Heinemann, and Robert Cowsley.
Absent: None.
Apologies: None.

Opened: 3:30 pm.

  • Fallout

    • Event was successful and made a profit despite low attendance numbers. Profit - $149.
    • Discussion with the representative from Bethesda was had by Joseph and are looking to have conversations in the future, where possible. Discussion was positive and enthusiastic.
    • In previous events, the finances have failed to factor in the costs of the GM’s within games as to food, accommodation, etc.
      Action Point: Finals accepted unanimously.
  • Eventbright System.

  • Appears to have been successfully used by Musketeers, however they hold funds after the event which presents a problem. This appears to be an insurance/refunds plicies.
  • It isn’t a problem for the likes of Auckland, as they have the funds to cover expenses.
  • It’s good for ensuring that people show up.
  • It benefits those who have the money at the time.
    Action Points: We will look into getting a proper run down as to whether it’s something we want to adopt. James Wyn will contact Anna K. and Derek and write up a fact sheet.
  • Situation with Auckland Group/National

    • Situation has been officially resolved. Chloe and James have officially repaid the outstanding amount. Chloe has officially resigned her position as Secretary and Joseph Outram, as the next highest receiver of votes, has accepted the position. Joseph has also assumed the financial responsibility for Fallout as the Head GM going forward. Apologies were accepted.
    • Muppet attempting to insert himself into the discussion with Bethesda rep was commented on, and suggested that it was a local issue, rather than National, and that Bo was the more reasonable representative of the committee, as local Marketing Officer rather than National Marketing Officer.
    • National’s actions on the situation involving the missing funds was also discussed – was National overstepping? It was a local issue and was in the process of being dealt with locally. Having processes in place in the future would be good.
  • Marketing

    • Should we start getting ourselves out there at Armaggedon? Organising a small stall or the such like, doing a fighting arena like we had at Hamilton? Tauranga would be a good possibility or talking to Auckland/Wellington about cross promotion.
    • Tauranga Medieval has offered Bo a stall at their event, should we choose to take them up on the subject.
      Action: Bo will look into event options for advertising purposes throughout area(s) of operation.
    • Orcball and doing public practices would be a great way to get Hamilton’s name out there LARP wise. Hardy Hall was suggested as a host, but traffic is limited. Steele Park was suggested as the better option over ether Hardy Hall or Claudelands.
  • Mass Transit

    • James and Chloe have been investigating hiring either a bus or van to transport out of towners (Auckland/Bay of Plenty) to larp’s in Hamilton as a way to improve attendance at Hamilton events. $300 or so for a 12-people seater was one looked into option.
    • This would allow those who live elsewhere, that don’t have their own transportation to attend and just incorporate the cost into the price of game.
    • Hamilton Committee supportive of the idea of mass transport but it is ultimately the responsibility of participants to organise. Social Media and Diatribe are good methods of carpooling and the like.
  • How can we make LARP’s easier?

    • Making nzLARPS a better prospect for membership/running games is definitely a must do. Fallout is easy as most of the GM team is on the Committee, but with a monthly running in the form of Crossroads (VtM) and Bo running Isles as an associate not so much?
    • nzLARPS as a whole is perceived as full of rules and regulations and/or all about making money. Can we change this.
    • Benefits of being a project: interface with other committees and make sure all sides are heard; deal with player problems if/when you can’t; act as a financial/legal fig leaf if needed and reasonable; put players/GM’s in contact with other players/GM’s for advice where needed.
    • Hiring LARP location’s is also a benefit.
  • Contact details

    • The contact details for committee members, or positions within nzLARPS, are not cleared designated. Is there a way of changing this?
    • Placing a stick page on Facebook page(s), who to go to in regards of various roles, their duties and who you can talk too.
  • Workshops

    • Once a month or every two months?
    • Get/gauge interest first, possibly offer Shae a donative for gas so she can attend as representative/teacher?
    • For weapons and costuming – Shae and Chloe are great teachers.
    • Workshops for specific reasons – hype for events/campaigns like Isles or Fallout.
    • Great way to get people OOC (out of character).
    • Support people without the costs of going to an event and to share hobby/hobbies.
  • Combat Training

    • Finding the time is problematic – do we do it in the evening? One in the middle of the day and another at five/six in the evening?
    • Make it an event and if you can’t come, too bad – post it more than a week out.

      More than two weeks.

    • If it’s a weekly event than some will be able to make it every week.
    • A wack and gabb?
  • Bo’s LARPing ideas

    • Literally basing a game at Rob’s tavern.
    • Willing to run games in Tauranga/Rotorua to drum up members.
    • Shae – We don’t have any old had LARPer’s in Tauranga/Rotorua.
    • Maybe a small campaign in the style of LARP: the Series on Youtube?
      Action: The committee as a whole has resolved to assist Bo however possible as they go forward.
  • Laying out an expense layout for new GM’s

    • 1st Game: loses money.
    • 2nd Game: Loses less money but the visibility is there from the first game.
    • 3rd event plus: Makes money presumably.
  • What are the benefits of being an affiliate/associate member of nzLARPS

    • Mutually beneficial relationship, but not fiscally.
    • On the website – make visible?
  • Isle’s Welfare

    • Plot written with welfare considerations beside them.
    • Crew had specific knowledge of what was happening in a particular scene and knowing who to stop and talk to about it.
      Action: Bo to get welfare concerns onto the Committee page and what they did. What worked and what didn’t?
    • LARPers are becoming more aware of welfare and how it’s applicable to LARP.
  • Refund Policy

    • We really need one.
    • Shae – If they send you/nzLARPS the money it’s yours/theirs.
    • Moral obligation to provide refunds.
    • We need a demo/basic policy in place or simply leave it up to the individual GM’s to decide.

Closed: 5:43 PM

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