Hallows Eve

My wild hunt idea has been shelved, Alista is going to run a “Vampire Hunt” on the 31st October, at Memorial Park in Hamilton. Pm him for more details.

Sounds like a heck of a lot of fun. I’m in…

I’m working Jared, sorry.

That does sounds really fun, and I’d consider coming down for something like that, unfortunately New Horizons is on that night.

Idea updated, see above.

Any takers? This is an opportunity to dust off the gear in your closet prior to Teonn. A great chance for a bit of larp biffo. And almost Halloween, where we can all be mistaken for legitimate weirdos in costume. Rather than just weirdos in costume. (Thats a joke)

worked for me last year, not only did i get to crew dressed up as undead and shadowy spirts of evil, i got given candy by people in the park and even a beer :slight_smile: they thought i was trick or treating like them lol. so awesome game and free sweets win win.

Am working :frowning: at least we get to dress up at work muahahah.

I am so friggin in. Should I make a charecter?

I need to gather a few more numbers before this is a goer. But it appears I have not given sufficient notice. Perhaps a smaller event can still be run if we can get a few more people along… and then run the Hunt another time.

Well I can get 1 or 2 people together. Are we going by normal knightshade rules or sumting else? Cheese and spagetios.

Was looking at some REALLY simple rules. Numbers aren’t so hot, so we can’t go for much grandeur right now. Mostly this was about getting into the darker aspects of Halloween and some of the various faerie myths. And having a big scrap.

Would it help if this was an early evening game on Halloween itself?

So is the game still going ahead?

OK people, who is keen to come down on Halloween itself? Thats the 31st?

im keen and will do my best to make it
haave room for any other aucklanders keen to go down

if it was from 8 onwards - would be a blast

Ok we’re definitely still trying to organise something here. Maybe not a Wild Hunt (and also I then realise theres a movie of the same name) but definitely a monster hunt. On the 31st of October. I would imagine somewhere from 6 or 7pm onwards, not too late finish.

The dirty Hamilton 3 are planning something together (yep, myself, Alista and Jonothan), so keep the night free.

I’m definate. Maybe another person as well wit me. Lol Iight even get some armor from armageddon! :slight_smile:

Ok slight change of plans here, Alista’s old timer players are planning an old school boffer only larp. A Quest Vampire Hunt.

Alista has decided to go ahead and run a Quest “Lite” game on Halloween.
I had hoped for a combined “open” styled game but this doesn’t look like a reality. This game will be boffers only, no foam latex weapons due to the preferences of the old school players wishing to play. Its a back to the past vamp hunt, when PVC was for boffers, not just Dominatrix.

If you would like to play in this game, contact Alista via PM. At this stage it is slated for Memorial/Parana Park in Hamilton. Start time TBA?