Groovy lightsource idea


I’m not sure if they’ve appeared anywhere before, but [url]Tobias Wong[/url] came up with a groovy concept and someone else has made a cheaper alternative.

Behold, the [color=#BF0000]sun jar[/color]


I have my doubts as to how well they’d illuminate an area, but they certainly could make good decorations at the right time and place.


I made one today. The jars are at Briscoes for $4.20, the light is from the warehouse for $3.00, and Mitre 10 had the frosting spray for ~$16 (which will do more than one jar). I’ve frosted the jar (2 coats, just to be sure), and when I get home I’ll use a few drops of superglue to attach the light to the lid (which means that to get it on or off I’ll need to pop the hinge, which is easy). Putting the light on the bottom would need a few extra bits of wire and a soldering iron. Total time: about 15 minutes.

Photos to come.

Edit: OK, so I’m too incompotent with a camera to photograph glowy things in the dark.


If you can get Judit or someone else to manage it, I would really appreciate it - I’d like to set these as a possible prop for Knightshade if they really are as easy to make as you’ve described.

Good move with the light on the lid.


Judit would probably be happy to help, alas she is in Auckland and Idiot is in Palmerston North…





Blast from the past: you can now buy these at the red shed:

Which I guess saves on the DIY. They’re not very bright though - atmosphere lighting rather than useful for finding your way. Still, that’s a definite niche for set-dressing.