"Good Society"

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You may recall that i pointed people at a Kickstarter for Good Society, a Jane Austen tabletop rpg which included a larp version and “global larp event” as a stretch goal. According to the latest update on this,

We expect the global LARP to be in Feb 2019, and I’d like to deliver the finished LARP to you that month as well if we can. In our ongoing commitment to making everything playable online, we are learning to do the digital LARP thing so we can include rules for this in the game!

I’m waiting for more information on this, but if it looks good, I’ll see if we can do a local NZ session. Assuming it doesn’t clash with anything, that is…

The larp is out:

It uses a guided workshop / skeleton structure, with pre-determined relationships which are fleshed out by the players. It also follows the TTRPG in using an act strucutre: a series of chapters sperated by an “epistolary phase” where plot is advanced through letters. There are two scenarios included: The London season, for 8 or 10 players, and Sunday Church, for 10 or 12. Because of the structure of the game, it does not cope well with missing players.

I need to give it a full read through, but it looks fairly promising. For scheduled games, a lot of the workshop details can be dealt with by email beforehand, which should save time, and let people focus on playing the game.