Good introductory larps

What are good “starter larps” for beginners?

This topic keeps popping up in other places I frequent, so I thought I’d do a post here both to solicit people’s view for various sizes of game, but also as a permanent repository to crib from when it inevitably pops up in future.

For small groups, I’d recommend On Display by Paracelsus Games. Its simple, but flavourful, with characters who are short but contain a bit of depth and some dilemmas. Like many of Paracelsus’ games, it lacks flexibility - it needs exactly 6 players (plus an NPC for half an hour). But if that’s the number of people you have, then this is the game to go for.

For more people, there’s Hamlet (if you rip out the system) or Face of Oblivion. When you hit 9 or 10, then its Peaky territory: Best of the Wurst or Diamond Geezers. Above that, you’re probably looking for Freeform Games: Davy Jones’ Locker may not be the deepest game, but its a very good introduction to the format.

What other games do people think are good intros?

A Wolf By Any Other Name is a good, size variable one that could work well as an introductory LARP. It’s super improv heavy, and I think marketed more as a party game than a LARP, but it’s easy to set up and doesn’t require people having to read masses of background or character info before playing.

But, because of that, the onus is on the players to be able to improvise all the character and setting stuff themselves.