Gonna cut footloose

So, I understand there’s to be a wedding, and a ball. And if there’s gonna be a ball, there must be dancing (because the queen has demanded it). And while my character can’t dance to save himself, I can (for evidence, find the Christopher Walken ‘Weapon of Choice’ dance). So, I’m making myself available to teach two basic dances of the period: the waltz, which most people know the basics of anyway, and the polka, which was popular at the time of the game, and is implausibly easy to learn.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to teach it to as many people as possible at once, to save everyone a lot of hassle. So this thread is here to ask ‘Is your character likely to know how to dance? And, if so, would you like to spend an hour and a half (maybe less) learning enough to make it look like your character has been doing this all their life?’

Esther can’t dance, but I wouldn’t mind learning this anyway.


Leo won’t have known previously but might have found time for a lesson in the lead up.