Going into Semi-Recess

This is to let everyone know that Quest is going into a semi-recess in the near future. This means that we will be holding our banquet shortly and then after that modules may be run occasionally when demand requires. we will retain and maintain our weapons and gear.

Also I will be going into semi retirement in Live Role Play. It means I may play occasionally and may help from time to time, but after 19 years of running a LRP campaign I need a little break. It still means I will make weapons for people if they wish.

This is only partially being caused by the creation of another Fantasy campaign in Hamilton. I feel that Hamilton is only able to support one fantasy campaign at this time and I am happy to let Knightshade take the lead as they have the most energy and impetus at this point.

The banquet will be the last regular event for a while. We will keep you posted.

I’m sad to hear of this Alista. There still is a place in Hamilton for Quest.
Although Knightshade will be run from Hamilton I doubt it would have had much negative impact on Quest.
I had not even begun to market it in Hamilton, or even to the existing player base.
I was going to be marketing both, because Quest & Knightshade will be working at different times & even frequencies.
KS will run maybe at most 6 weekly.
I’m much keener to grow to the point I can run weekend games.
Infact due to Knightshades energy (& also that of St.Wolfs), I have managed to re-involve 4 players in Quest.
Jamie Boyle, Chris aka Manky, Jason Williams & Dave McIssac have turned up at my insistence.
This might not seem like a lot but it was simply the tip of the iceberg.

But I think you have a point on the energy left for Quest, you have been supporting it almost single handedly & if you’re tired of doing this I can understand that.
I can understand that you also might want to be a player character occasionally & I would really like to help you out there.

You will continue to be a very usefull asset to the Hamilton LARP community & I think we need to have some discussion about your new flat weapons, especially for equipping new players of which I see a few to come.

And theres the existing Questers, who aren’t well equipped but would be well done by to have some flat PVC weapons in their own cache.

I don’t think it is over for Quest, I think there are some GM’s who would like to see Quest run, intact & unchanged from where it is now.

So its not goodbye, its till next time…

Still moving along.

semi retirement is noice, no abuse from players, no long hours of work for little if any thanks, no whinging power players complaining that they aren’t gods.

At the moment I a writing a new contemporary LRP called the Chuffy Files. Also I am taking the chance to totally revamp the Quest system. Quest version 4 is a very, very good rule set, but it is at the logical limit of what can be achieved with that design philosophy.

The new system is derived from my “Chuffy” system, which is itself derived from my “Cthulhu” system, which was inspired by Quest’s FANAD system, which goes back to the 1990’s Asgardian Live Role Play system. Which was inspired by hearing of Dorsai’s system.

The advantages are that it is simpler for new players to conceive, it helps keep the power players further under control and allows for an expansion of playing style and possibilities and cuts down on my paper work.

Play testing will start soon. This system will be for occasional use as we have made way for a different fantasy system in Hamilton. The new system will be for special occasions. I’ll keep you posted.

Time go back to writing my thesis.

One nice thing about the combat system we use in the SCA is that you are all equal - forever. If you’re not a god, it is only your own prowess to blame, not the rules, GMs or anything else. After more than a dozen years ‘experience’ I still have 1HP and 0AP :wink:

Enjoy the thesis writing and the holiday. Hopefully we’ll still see you as a player and you’ll take the time to recharge your larping batteries.

I’m looking forward to finding out more about the new system as it is developed.

As for power players, I certainly have more time for those that earn it by active adventuring than those that sit at back, taking few risks and basically gaming the system by earning points for turning up.

Good luck on the thesis !

I didn’t realise this was such an apparently prolific problem in these parts…

We don’t have many power players… We could probably count the known ones on one hand and have fingers to spare. It just happens to be that they’re the biggest whingers… plus being a God is over-rated because then you have to deal with other gods who don’t want you in their territory.
Not to mention having to find worshippers and listen to their whinging prayers all the time.

Wouldn’t it be fun to actually make a power player a God and then make them fully responsible for the upkeep of being a God? They’d be so busy they couldn’t even turn up to play!

Hehehehe reminds me of all the time Kathryn and I spent trying to convert each other to our respective gods :stuck_out_tongue:

God of… “entertainments” vs God of earth and all things shiny thereof FTW :smiley:

Thanks guys, I can appreciate irony.

Mind you, having the possibility of god-like powers in the game world sure as heck makes it easier for those of us with not so much physical ability but lot of bluff!

Isn’t that what magik is for ?