GM wanted for Play By Play 2018

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Play By Play is “NZ’s international games festival”. Its goal is to get people to try different types of games, from computer games to board games to larps. It will next be happening April 16 - 21, 2018.

NZLARPS Wellington has been asked whether we’d like to run a larp at it. So, we’re after someone to run it.

Timing-wise, this is a month after Hydra, 3 weeks after Wellygeddon, a week after Musketeers, and the weekend before Cerberus. So lots of people will be either in prep or recovery. Still, we’re hoping that someone is available.

NZLARPS can provide a game and logistical support. While we’re still talking about what sort of event they want, we’re thinking either a simple, beginner’s pre-cast larp (so something like Hamlet, On Display, or Down and out in Middenburg. Maybe even Howling Fire Theomachy), or an uncast “walk-in” game like JUGGERNAUT or A Wolf By Any Other Name. We have files and/or physical cards for these games, and they’re easy to facilitate, while providing a good play experience. If the game is a smaller one, we’d like the flexibility for a double run (so afternoon and evening) - but obviously, that’s up to the GM. As this would be a formal marketing exercise, it’d probably need to be an NZLARPS project (so, NZLARPS pays for anything, gets any profits, and soaks any losses).

Please respond here or contact if interested.