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Starting this thread for announcements from the Embers GMs, particularly for cross-posting from Facebook for those who may not use it.

Character sheet submission

We are asking that all people who have a player spot for session one in August please submit us a character sheet by July 1st. It doesn’t have to be approved by that date, but we do need something to indicate what you have in mind for your character.
If we receive no sheet and no payment from you by this date, we will contact you and your player spot may be given to someone else.

You can find the template for character submission here.

There has been a change to the Embers game rules and the document has been updated accordingly.

  • The ‘Fear’ call has been removed.
  • The Black Sorcery spell ‘Fear’ now reads: ‘Fear: point attack; call Compel ‘flee from me’ on one target.’
  • The Covenant ability for the Shining Company, ‘Hear of Valor’ has
    also been changed slightly. Players with characters in this Covenant
    will be informed of the new wording.

We have made this change because we felt that the duration of the Fear
call was too long and that a comparable effect could be achieved using
the existing Compel call.

Rules Document

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Hello everyone! Once again, a big thank you from Jaron and I to everyone involved in the first session.
A few things for the aftermath of the game:

We have added a space for notes and updates on your character sheets (if we haven’t, you probably haven’t given us edit access to the document!). There is no hurry to fill this out as we won’t be taking action on character updates until just before session 2, but you may like to record what happened while you remember. Note down significant events or changes for your character.

We have written up a ‘story so far’ document which contains some main events of the game that would be publicly known (things that would be talked about afterwards even if you weren’t there) for future reference. This will be updated at some point after each game.

If you have the Scholar or Explorer perks you may like to indicate what your character would like to look into. Again, we won’t be providing outcomes until close to session 2, but the sooner we have input from you the sooner we can start thinking about it.

For the purposes of the above and any informal roleplay you wish to do, we estimate about six weeks will pass in-world between the events of ‘Stirring the Ashes’ and the beginning of session 2.

If you were crew for that game and wish to informally roleplay with players as a character you played who would be in Duskwood, feel free - however, if it comes to anything beyond socialising (or you’re not totally sure of the relevant canon), please run your plans by a GM first.

During the time between games, the Keepers relax their control of movement through the forest a little; characters are free to move through the edges of the Duskwood. What they find is that even with freedom of movement the forest is confusing and difficult to navigate, and it’s very easy to get turned around. It’s not uncommon for Keepers to escort lost outsiders back to town for their own safety.

The ruins of Sufrant remain carefully guarded and off limits to everyone; the Keepers insist that it is dangerous and ask for people’s patience and respect of their continuing duty there. The Voice of the Sanctum acknowledges any requests to speak to Evinar the Sage, but refuses them all; he too politely asks people’s patience, explaining that the Sage has already been exposed more than he has been in a long time and he will not take further risk so soon.

Player characters staying in Duskwood are able to find homes. Tent villages are established, and as wagons arrive from the trailing end of caravans some of them are converted into semi-permanent housing. Some outsiders befriend locals to the point of being invited to share their homes in exchange for services. In addition, those so motivated can build simple cottages - the lumber of the Duskwood is good quality, better than one finds in most parts of the world today. Of course, cutting large amount of new lumber from the forest requires negotiation with the Keepers, but this does not cause major problems.

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We are happy to announce the second session of Embers for the weekend of February 3rd-5th!
A Facebook event for this session can be found here.

For the most part people who played in the first session will be offered a slot as a returning player for this session. We will have a system to confirm player slots and hope to offer any spaces to new players in the near future.

You can find a summary of the events of ‘Stirring the Ashes’ here if you want to refresh your memory; everything in this document is assumed to be publicly known and it will be updated after future games.

Note that this game is scheduled for Waitangi weekend; the game will still end on Sunday afternoon, but Monday is a public holiday.

We apologise for the relatively short notice for this event, which is due to scheduling issues.

More information will be forthcoming!

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An in-character development for the upcoming game:

Those who enquire about the Sage after his emergence from the Sanctum and subsequent return there will be asked by the Keepers to be patient as they evaluate their responsibilities in light of new information. A few weeks after the Sage reveals himself, however, word comes to Duskwood from the Voice of the Sanctum, leader of the Keepers.
The formal communication delivered by a Keeper and posted in the town hall reads thus:

"After consultation between myself and our Lord Evinar the Sage, it has been agreed that as the people must have access to his knowledge, there shall be opportunities to speak to him. However, it is also agreed that time he spends outside of the Sanctum puts him at risk, and that undue risk to the Sage is not acceptable nor desirable when his knowledge is needed.

These things being so, we request that any who have questions to ask of the Sage compose between them a written list to submit to the Keepers. The Voice will approve no more than eight such questions. The Sage shall visit the township of Duskwood to give in person his answers to the eight approved questions but no more, so as to safely limit the time he spends away from the protection of the Sanctum."

The date and time given for the Sage’s visit to the town is [Saturday morning of game weekend].

(OOC: this notice will be posted in game and discussion can be had on the matter during the Friday night, but questions submitted before the game are likely to get the most prepared answers. We leave it to the players collectively to decide whether you devise a system to choose or vote on questions, or submit more than eight and let the Voice choose which to see answered)

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Some minor changes and clarifications have been added to the rules, and can be found here.

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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the radio silence lately – we haven’t forgotten you! The Embers GMs have been doing some re-working of plans.

After much thought, we have decided that there will not be an Embers weekend game in the latter half of 2017.
We’re sorry to do it this way, but our venue will not be available and we have concluded that using a different venue would disrupt some things more than would be worth it.

However, we don’t want to leave you without Embers for a whole year if we can avoid it! The GMs are hoping to organise one or more single-day events in the remainder of this year, and we’ll announce them here as soon as they are confirmed.

In the meantime, if you’re missing your fix we encourage you to look into some of the other exciting new and ongoing larp campaigns that may be in your area (try here for what’s coming up soon).

Thank you for your patience, and we’ll inform you as soon as there are new developments.

  • The Embers GMs.
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