Getting The Gear

hi guys.

um to jared i was wondering about the weapons and that if i could get 1 off you if you got it off paddywhack?
i would really be greatful!

kiyevame :smiley:

I can help Lochie but only if your not getting into trouble for it

please dont worry y dad couldnt care less. i could get the swords or ect and take it in without my dad caring!
so yea! lol
o and jared your sons are cool as!

I hope I’m not included in that remark…

jumps into trees
but ya na yea nah yea nah
its al g my dad beith fine if i get it at an event or sumting? :confused:
squire sword! AWAY!!!
flys away on dragon mount :laughing:

Ok Lochie, calm, breathe in through nose, out through mouth (repeat as required)

We can set you up with a squire longsword $79.20 with $7 postage ($86.20), you just need to get the cash to me (you have my address via Private Messages).

I’ll ask Ryan to hold one for you

sorry i a bit more then hyper rit now.
ok then ill try to get the money 2 u asap but ill
have to wait till we get back from rarotonga(isle of donuts) :smiley:

hi guys
um jared i could come over and give youthe money on the 8th of april?
is that fine?

we can work that Lochie.
one thing you really need to consider though is that there are limited larps for you at this point in time and $86.20 is a lot of money to spend. otherwise, I am happy to facilitate.