Gear Shed Needs Help Moving Gear Around (3rd Jan)

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This is a long shot with it being so close to the date and busy time, but would anyone be able to commit some time to help Mel on Friday the 3rd of Jan to shift some of our gear? (that is in 10 days time)

Volgelmorn has informed us that they are needing to re-arrange the shed in which NZLARP’s gear is stored, and that it would be better if at least a few people could assist in this as it is our gear that is predominantly being moved around.

The Gear Officer and I normally would, but Toby will be working and I am still in injury recovery by that date as per my doctor, so we are unable to just go and do it ourselves.

Please note that I am currently unsure on time as of yet but will let you know as soon as I can. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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If I happen to be in Wellington at the right time then I’m happy to help


Hello! This is no longer happening on this date. Thanks to all who took a look :slight_smile:

Is there an alternative date? Because we’re back in Wellington after this Sunday and I could probably help.

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I have not heard anything back about it

'K, just let me know if they say something and you’d like some help. I live in Brooklyn so I’m pretty much around the corner.

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