Gear Rehoming Meeting, Members Welcome Sat 21st May

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Good evening Wellington larpers!

The committee has been working on getting the gear into a more permanent and flat solution than my hallway closet. We’re having a meeting to discus it at Norms house on Sunday the 21st of May, (i.e. this coming week) at 1.30pm. We’re having a potluck lunch so bring something to share.

We’re currently leaning towards spending a lot of money on a ten foot shipping container and parking it on Norms place for storing the gear in it.

If you have specific issues you want to address, you’re welcome to come along to the meeting but there won’t be room for everyone who larps in the Wellington region. So if you just have a comment or a question, pass it back to me and I’ll get back to you. But absolutely we’d love to have you.

This is the write-up, looking at all the options for storing the gear that anyone has ever mentioned. Please read it and let me know what you think!

Norms house is in Kingston and there aren’t any buses there on the weekend, so we may need to carpool.

Sorry about the short notice