Gear Order for Red Letter Day

Hey guys, we ordered a bunch of gear in from overseas for Welcome Home. If you’re keen to co-ordinate, you can get similar stuff for very cheap, no shipping fees. But the shipping is slow and an order needs to go in asap. I’m happy to organise it.


The masks that the crew were using: … 85469.html

Depending on how many we order, we can get them for about $5US each. They only problem we’ve had with them is the straps are not well finished and so they fall off easily. But it would only take a few stitches to finish them so they don’t fall off, or the straps can be replaced entirely.


These are the ones we got for the crew. … 49837.html
$4.50 US each.

But there are also these: … 38863.html
$5 US each

Again, can get them cheaper if people buy in groups, but you gotta buy the same item to get the discount.

Rosaries for Holy Symbols: … 0&manual=y

And just about anything else you can think of. Most of the shipping takes THIRTY DAYS, so we need to order fairly soon to get this here on time.