Gear Load - Thursday 14th August

Hi everyone,

We’re loading the gear for Chimera on Thursday 14th August, for which we would really appreciate a half dozen strong hands. We’ll be starting at 7:30pm, and it won’t take more than an hour if we get a half dozen volunteers to help us. It’s a job that really needs doing, and we sincerely appreciate everyone who takes the time to pitch in some arm muscle for us.

When: 7:30pm, Thursday 14th August
Where: All Secure Storage, 44-46 Galway Street, Onehunga
Why: Because you’re awesome.

Please let me know if you’re able to help. Thank you!

We haven’t had anyone say they can come help with the gear load this Thursday. We really need a few volunteers to donate an hour, otherwise it’s me and Tigger having to do the entire load by ourselves.

Currently this is gearing up to be the week of craziness, but if Wednesday goes particularly well I will see if I can help out on Thursday. Still have quite a bit of prep for my game to do though.

I’m aiming to get along to it :slight_smile:

Hmm, still have a large amount of prep to do for my game (mostly the setting paperwork and gameplay stuff). Not sure if I will be able to help out. If you’re really desperate I will try leave work early - is there more enthusiasm to help on the facebook?

Many thanks to Judit, Anna, Tigger, James, Kara, Russell and Liz for assisting with the gear load-out !

Between the goods lift and the trolleys, gear load-outs actually involve a lot less lifting and carrying :slight_smile: