Gear Libraries : How do other centers handle their lending?

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In Dunedin, we have only just started to accumulate props under the NZLARPS banner, through our first two Cerberus conventions. I am keen to catalogue and organise them online in an accessible way and before I try to reinvent the wheel I wanted to know how other gear wranglers do it. Does anyone use software like myturn to have a library of things?


@Derek, @joker, @Angelus (being the Gear Officers for Auckland, Wellington, and Greater Waikato) - what do you guys use to catalog/lend out the gear?


Auckland doesn’t catalogue gear or record what is lent out. We essentially operate on trust.

We have about 80 boxes that are labelled with approximately what they contain.

Games pay a fee to borrow gear and any gear that is lost or damaged is absorbed by those fees.

Most games are putting large amounts of new gear into the gear shed after every game and nzlarps Auckland spent about $1K on new weapons and costumes this year to update worn out gear.

Our biggest problem isn’t gear going missing it’s actually us having to much gear to fit in the gear shed.


We used to organise where gear was in the shed (I created a document when I took over the gear officer role) but we stopped doing it because it was slowing down the gear load and unload.


Wellington has neither a catalogue, nor any kind of system for running rentals. I tried to make one happen for requesting gear, but I’m not sure if the new officer Norm is still using it.
The knowing what we have is mostly practice and opening the box multiple times. We charge for hireage, but it’s $250 for all the gear for the entire weekend, and progressively less for smaller rentals.


This form:

Its quite useful, and helps remind people what we have.

Links to Auckland and Wellington’s gear policies are on the gear page: