Games with Spaces

So you are not sure if you can make a whole weekend of larping or not sure if it’s for you? Why not come and try out a game or two, we currently have the following games that have spaces in them.

Friday Night
Down and out in Middenburg

Sometimes the most important thing in life in defending your begging spot and getting a good beer. A fantasy comedy.

Run the Heart

A Cyberpunk tale of love, loss, betrayal and what it really means to be alive and ‘real’. All set in an odd little Café.

Truth, Justice and Spandex
Ah graduation from NADS(Neopolitan Academy for Development of Supers), time for the head hunters to gather, in this case Super Villains and Heroes looking for new recruits. A superhero comedy.

Southern Seas
In 1843 on a voyage from London to the great Southern land, the ship’s Captain has disappeared in suspicious circumstances. A Victorianesque Dark Fantasy.

Morituri Te Salutant
Feel like a bit of larp combat? Come win honour, glory and even your freedom as a Roman Gladiator. All combat levels welcome, weapons and training provided.

Return to Myklon

Set in the Warhammer 40K universe, an adventure, drama and combat game using larp weapons and Nerf guns. Come and see what happened on Myklon while the Electrical storm raged.

Heart of Glass
Play contestants in a trashy reality TV show, either trying to get their 15 minutes of game or cling to past glories.

Kirby High Golden Jubilee
A return to Stillwater and the lives of their Superheroes, celebrities and people going about their lives. Who knows there may even be the odd super Villain there. A super Hero Drama