Games, more games!

Figuring I better get in while everyone is still amped creatively from the weekend - how inspired are people feeling for writing games next year? Are there any games that people are keen to see rerun? :slight_smile:

would like to run an extended remix version of Flight 665 , but will need to get back to you on that, may need a couple of new writers to add to spice things up even more.

A Game of Thrones: Blackfyre Rising
by Kristen McFadyen and Jamey Patten

[quote]“Give me sweet lies, and keep your bitter truths.” —Tyrion Lannister

In Westeros, the Targaryens rule the Six Kingdoms, as they have since they came with their dragons to conquer, bringing fire and blood. King Aemon Targaryen IV is dead, and on his deathbed has decreed all of his bastards to be legitimate heirs to the throne. His only legitimate son, Daeron II, has assumed the Iron Throne, but the length of his new reign is anything but certain. The Great Houses have called their banners and marched to King’s Landing, and it remains to be seen whether they come to swear fealty, or to plunge the Six Kingdoms into bitter war. Now, Gods, stand up for bastards!

Set in the world of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, a century before the events of A Game of Thrones, Blackfyre Rising is a game of politics and romance, chivalry and treachery, bastardy and baseness, the bonds of blood and the will to power, and perhaps a touch of magic. There will be great lords and ladies (both honorable and treacherous), knights, holy men and women, wise maesters, noble hostages, and more people with claims to the throne than is probably healthy.

Disclaimer: This game contains adult themes, and a few character backgrounds may include elements of murder, incest, or rape. Not recommended for players under 18.[/quote]

This game has been doing the Intercon / New England larp circuit for a while, and I was sent a copy of the character sheets earlier in the year. I think the current version is for about 40 players. It suits an outdoor venue (as there is a tournament), and my current plan is to hack it to use live combat in a similar style to “Black Hart of Camelot” and “Moorstepper on Lloegyr”.

I’m a buzzing with ideas, as usual after chimera. Its always a big stress before the convention and then somehow seeing your game in action makes it all worth it. Watch the space :slight_smile:

I am definitely considering running Amnesia again either as a one off theatre game or during one of the many conventions that seem to be popping up. Would definitely be looking for a second GM next time around though due to it being a bit harder than originally thought…

Once I’ve touched up Wands at the Ready a bit I shall have a think of some more game ideas.

I want to play that GoT larp SO VERY MUCH. Keen to help make it happen as a playtest if you want.

Have several ideas for games. Have to ask if there have been any games based in and around the Aztec Empire around the same time as the spanish invasion? Also are there any people interested in Japanese Melodrama?

Got asked about KiL Quest a few times, so next Chimera I will run a pre-written adventure called Rock Music. Should be fun. :mrgreen:

Mumble mumble I’ll run something

I had already started work on ‘Collapse’ quite some time ago, which is yet another post-apocalyptic game set several hundred metres below the earth’s surface. It’s already shaping up to be bleaker then ‘End’ :smiley:

The hell you say…Sign me up bud…Bleak ftw

Something that I mentioned last year around this time, which I actually intend to do for Chimera 2015 is a LARP called “The Thirteen Doctors”, a Doctor Who LARP featuring all 13 doctors and 13 companions gathering together to discuss some incredibly wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff

This is going to be a biatch to write…Or maybe you’ve already written it and just have to bring it Back from the Future?

God yes; I think I just had a bleakgasm.

I’m writing a game by the working title of DAEDALUS: Omega Protocol, inspired by the SCP Foundation.

This is going to be a biatch to write…Or maybe you’ve already written it and just have to bring it Back from the Future?[/quote]

Great Scott!