Game start [Bloody Valentine]


The schedule for the start of the game on the 14th of February is as follows:

Middday: Campsite opens for us. Mel’s hoped for arrival time with food and some gear.*
1pm: Mel’s realistic arrival time with food.
1:30 pm Probably Chris’s arrival time with more gear.
Somewhere in here Norm arrives with yet more gear.
7pm: Muster. Attendance at this should be your priority.
7:20: Followed by safety check. All weapons need to be checked by either Ants or Scott. They call it unsafe, it will not be permitted in game. No exceptions.
7:30: Game start.
8:26pm: Sunset.

*I will ensure the gazebos and drapes are in this run, so we can get started on taverna set-up. Any other requests for “earliest possible” gear please email us.

I know a few of you are going to be cutting it pretty close, or maybe even arriving after the game has begun. This is absolutely fine. Please make sure the GM’s know you have arrived, so we can stop worrying about you as people, and start threatening you as players. If you are crew and you are late, just come to the crew room, or follow a fellow crew-member home.

If you are pretty sure NOW that you’re going to miss muster, please let us know. We have sketchy cell-phone reception at the site at best, so no point trying to call us late in the day. If you are going to be arriving later than us and are prepared to be a message-receiver on behalf of us, please post here.

Every player will also receive a start-of-game handout - so many people need so many things communicated to them, we decided this was easier. These will be dished out to you during set-up. If you are late, they will be held by a crew member in the dining hall (Fletcher Hall) for you.

Some of you have dynamic entries or are otherwise ON HOLD at the start of the game. You will be told explicitly, probably in your handout, if this applies to you. If we haven’t said anything, you may begin the game wherever you like.

I shall be there near start of setup and I’ll be mostly focusing on Infirmary and labs :slight_smile:

I love that Sunset is part of the Schedule… :slight_smile:

That’s when the fun really begins :wink:

My car isn’t likely to make muster.

This includes me (Sophie), Alison, Naomi, Hannah J and Sarah L.

Imagine if it runs late…

Bodies don’t get time to booty a blow.

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