Game for September?


At this time of year we try and run a one off theatre-style game every month in Wellington. But we have a gap in the calendar in September, which the Usual Suspects can not fill. Does anyone want to step up and run something? You need about two months to plan and cast, so now is the time to make a decision.

Size-wise, the current Wellington market seems to support a 15 player game. This fits well with the budget constraints - you can run something as small as 12 players at Vogelmorn or Brooklyn Community Center, and with a tight budget you can go down to as few as 6 players at Petone Community House (and with a day hire you can then do a double run). As usual I can offer support with budgeting, venue booking, and with cat-herding if you want to be an NZLARPS project.

If you’re wondering what else is on, the calendar currently looks like this:

July: “Tesla’s Wedding”, Thunderrealm Island
August: Reloaded, Chimera [AKL], Phoenix [CHC].
October - November: “The Omega Delivery”, and possibly a rerun of “Nobilis: Torn From Glory”.

If you want to claim that calendar spot, post here, or get in touch by email or PM.