Game 1: Crew needed!


Hi everyone,

We still need a lot more crew to sign up before the game will really start to look properly viable (and we can plan for those epic big battles that we want to run!), and we know there’s a lot more people who have indicated interest than have bought crew tickets so far.

So, for the moment all available player tickets have been closed until we can have at least 12 more crew members signed up, so if you have a player ticket currently and want this game to go ahead, it’s a really good time to get your friends to sign up as crew so you can participate together! If you haven’t yet got a player ticket but were planning to get one, you’ll need to convince crew-minded friends to sign up before we will reopen player slots.

If you don’t have the money right now that’s okay - Lilregie allows you to snag an invoice so you can register now and pay later. It’s only $50 to crew the whole game, or $30 for a day pass if you can only make one part. We’ve got some awesome roles we’re writing with a mix of combatants and non-combatants - from Province Royals and their staff, to local hunters, to the creatures and people that will provide combat.

Tickets can be found here: with the password “Argent01”.

Again, thanks heaps for your enthusiasm & we’re really looking forward to running this game, but we won’t be able to do it without crew <3