Future theatreforms?

We need to plan some future theatreforms, either for post-Armageddon in July or September (to fit around the one-day miniHydra), or as an emergency game in early May to ensure there’s some theatreform in this half of the year. So what would people like to try?

  • Arsenic & Lies (5 - 10 players)
  • Better Living Through Robotics (10 players)
  • Communing in Darkness (7 players)
  • Fate & Fatality (9 players)
  • Good Society (8, 10, or 12 players)
  • Hotel Paradise (16 players)
  • Miss Maypole And The Christmas Pudding Affair (14 players)
  • Property & Propriety (13-15 players)
  • Tomb-Priestesses of the Nameless Dead (6 - 10 players)

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(The usual format ATM is a double feature in Petone, which makes small games viable)

If you don’t know what these games are:

  • Arsenic & Lies (5 - 10 players) is a workshoppy Christie-style murder mystery. It has been run at Phoenix, and will be run at Cerberus.
  • Better Living Through Robotics (10 players) is Asimovian robots and creepy people.
  • Communing in Darkness (7 players) is a seance game. It has run at Fright Night, KapCon and Chimera.
  • Fate & Fatality (9 players) is a gothic comedy about a creepy old family. Wuthering Heights meets The Addams Family. It will run at Cerberus.
  • Good Society (8, 10, or 12 players) is a larp version of the tabletop rpg. Its a bit workshoppy (with strong guidance) and uses chapters seperated by an epistolary phase. Does not include Regency gender norms.
  • Hotel Paradise (16 players) is about the ghosts in an abandoned hotel. It has run at Hydra and Chimera.
  • Miss Maypole And The Christmas Pudding Affair (14 players) is a Christie-style murder mystery from Peaky Games. Probably comical. It has previously run in Wellington, back in 2010 or thereabouts.
  • Property & Propriety (13-15 players) is Regency Downton Abbey, part 2. It ran at Hydra last year, but some people missed out. Includes Regency gender norms.
  • Tomb-Priestesses of the Nameless Dead (6 - 10 players) is a scene-based freeform larp inspired by The Tombs of Atuan. All living characters are female, so it is well suited to Wellington skew.

Tick as many boxes as you like; we’ll try and shuffle the popular ones into events that work. I can’t edit polls after they’ve started, so if people have more suggestions, we’ll just add another poll further downthread.

Should note: we have an offer of An Ecumenical Matter for later in the year, and The Markov Solution will be run in September or October - whatever works around other events. November, of course, is Consequence.

Having played none of them, I’m quite interested in playing any of them, so count that into numbers if you’re working out what might have enough players.

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I’ve voted for the ones I’m keenest on… Tomb priestesses sounds incredible… But would likely play others if the time works for me