Forum: Guild Members Wanted

If you have a guild that needs more members, or if you’re a player that doesn’t currently have a guild, you can use this forum.
If you’re recruiting new members, it pays to mention whether your guild has race or class requirements. If you’re looking for a guild, mentioning the types of characters you might like to play is also a good idea.



The Chef’s Head (open to changing the name if it’ll get you to join) is looking for adventurous folk who enjoy food, fighting and fun.
We specialize in hunting rare ingredients and reagents and then cooking and/or selling them.
May or may not also be a totally top secret guild of assassins

All Classes and races welcome

Current members
Flamekin Gunslinger: Mage
Pirate Vampire: Rogue x2 i think
Merfolk Mafioso: Tank
Merfolk Mafioso: Diplomat

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This appeals to me so much as in actual mmorpgs I totally collect ingredients and recipes and cook all the things!

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The Guild of Scholars wants you!

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Anyone else interested in being on an a guild with me? Not sure theme, but pretty keen to be a vampire pirate!

Have room for a pirate vampire?

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I’m choosing to be a rogue

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I have joined the Chef’s head and we have two pirate vampires already, one flamekin and one merperson if you would like to join as a vampire with us, although I think we already have a rogue

I’d like to join you guys if you have room for another rogue