Food in your bellies! 2015 Edition


So I know I said I wanted a year off but here I am again! :slight_smile:

Catering on site
Meals for Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be catered. The menu is as follows

Breakfast Sat & Sun
Breakfast cereals, toast, fruit salad, boiled eggs & hashbrowns

Lunch Sat
Devilled Sausages w/ mixed vege mash
or Vegan Devilled Sausages w/ mixed vege mash (vegan)

Lunch Sun
Cottage Pie
or Gardener’s Pie (vegan)

Dinner Fri
Hearty Vege Soup w/ bread rolls

Dinner Sat
Spaghetti Bolognaise
or Italian Stuffed Capsicums and Spaghetti (vegan)
plus - Stewed Spiced Apples w/ custard (Vegan/Gluten Free custard option)

Tea, coffee and chilled water included in each meal.

Soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit juice and lollies available to purchase at all meal times.

$35 all inclusive (2 dinners, 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches)
or pay per meal:
$6 per breakfast,
$8 per lunch,
$8 per dinner


Hooray! And looking forward to mise en place larp on Friday as well!