Food, glorious food!

Good to hear you all liked what I had on offer, I just want to say a big thanks to those who helped out over the weekend, especially Karen, Daniel A, Jon, Ellen, Kerry, Naomi and the Pegg sisters, there were numerous others but I’m sorry I didn’t always get a name and to whomever did the dishes before I got up to start cooking breakfast on Sat morn thank you so much, you all made my job so much easier (= very happy cook :slight_smile: ). And of course Scott for lugging me round and helping with the shopping :smiley:
See you all next year!

[quote]and to whomever did the dishes before I got up to start cooking breakfast on Sat morn[/quote]I saw Stacey washing a mountain of pots on Saturday morning.

Thank you so much Michelle for offering to cook the food. Knowing that it was all sorted and would be ready on time and everyone was catered for, was a huge amount of pressure off. And it was all done with a smile :slight_smile:

The food, and the food service were wonderful and timely. Job very well done, especially considering there was only one cook!

Two massive thumbs up!!

I was well impressed. Thank you so much for doing the food for us. :slight_smile:

Your smile and your delicious food made a world of difference to the weekend. Thank you!

Quoted for truth! The food was delicious, and your attitude made it even better. Thank you!

+1 :smiley:

Thank you! I enjoyed hanging out in the kitchen chatting and the food was great! :smiley:

I can only echo what has been said already. I feel I survived the weekend with good energy levels which of course the food was a huge part of (no snacking between meals for me!). Thank you for all your hard work. :smiley:

Great job Michelle :smiley:.

Actually that was me on Saturday morning; Stacey was on Sunday.

Thanks for the incredible job Michelle.

Thanks for the delicious food Michelle :slight_smile: