Flight 666 and Stephen King

Looking at making for Chimera 2015 a much darker extended remix version of flight 665 (highly commended at Chimera 2013) with some elements of Stephen King (Under the Dome , The Stand, Langoliers ) Haven’t fully worked out the concept yet, and it may only be just a darker Flight 665 but wondered what people thought of the Stephen Kingverse , including Talisman and the fantasy books for larping possibilities … Also if anyone might be interested in helping to write it let me know, will probably use larpwriter and skype/google+ for video links in writing it

I think it’s worth writing a new game in a similar vein, but not a ‘remix’ as it implies a lot of content is reused. :slight_smile:

I happen to know a lot about flight 665, if you would like some help

Of course Dan, However Jack and Viv and David will be unavailable, so we’ll need a couple of other strong writers to join us

Putting in an early (and cheeky) vote to play Flight 666 in 2015.
Really enjoyed Flight 665 and am very eager to see where you take this :mrgreen: